Cowapeco (CEO) – A Cooperative Economic Organization
Binance Smart Chain

Proposal Submission Instructions

  1. Write your proposal.
  2. Send 1000 CEO to 0x193E4F84748a5e3D710E8d4Bb4Ab9060108B0b99
  3. Email your proposal using the proposal submissions widget to with your wallet address as the subject line. 
  4. In your proposal include a description of your proposal, a time frame, how much you need to execute your proposal (in BNB). Include links, videos, or whatever else you will use to convince the community to approve your proposal. The more transparent you are with the community the higher your chances of being approved.
  5. Once your proposal is submitted it will be posted for community approval.
  6. If you receive 50% approval your project is funded.

Proposal Submission Form

If you submit a proposal without a member wallet address, or without the 1000 CEO transaction required on that account's history, your proposal will not be accepted and your email will be marked as spam by our system. Never send a proposal before sending 1000 CEO to the following address: 0x193E4F84748a5e3D710E8d4Bb4Ab9060108B0b99. This may cause a delay in your proposal processing or your funds to be completely lost. Always pay before sending your proposal. Cowapeco Proposal form

How To Buy

  1. The first thing you will need is a Metamask wallet. Here is a link to their Google Chrome extension.

2. Next add the Binance Smart Chain to your Metamask wallet by following these simple steps.

3. Now that you are on the Binance Smart Chain, go to your Metamask wallet and scroll to the bottom. Click “Add Token”.

4. Click “Custom Token” and add this contract into the Token Contract Address field:0x364d436ce034c8C1c1EcBab35c93405e9775C0eE

5. Now when you purchase CEO from you will see your coins in your Metamask wallet.

Name: Cowapeco

Symbol: CEO

30,000,000 CEO initial supply

100,000,000 CEO max supply

Burnable: Yes

Mintable: Yes

Pausable: Yes

Token Contract: 0x364d436ce034c8C1c1EcBab35c93405e9775C0eE


Token name
Token Symbol
Token Address
Block Explorer
30,000,000.0000 CEO
Initial supply
1 BNB = 10,000.0000 CEO


Buy Tokens

Send contributions directly to the Contract
0x18...79 0x18...79
Do not send contributions from an exchange
Using Metamask