Download Binance.US from the app store.

Step Two

Create an account in Binance and go through the verification process.

Step Three

In order to take part in the pre-sale, you need to send BNB to you Metamask, to do this you will buy BNB at and send it to your metamask wallet. If you don’t have a Metamask wallet yet, you can hold your BNB at until you get one.

Go to the main Binance page and click “Wallet”

When you are on the ‘Wallet’ page in the ‘Overview’ section, go to the ‘Spot’ section at the top of your screen

In the ‘Spot’ section put ‘BNB’ in the search

After switching to BNB, select ‘Buy with card’ and re-select BNB which will automatically be at the top of the list.

Click Add New Card

Enter the amount you need and click continue. Then add your card details and complete your BNB purchase

Step four

After buying BNB It will be in your BNB wallet on the exchange. To participate in the pre-sale, you need to send the BNB to your Metamask wallet or Trust wallet.

Click the wallet icon in the Binance app.

Now select BNB

Choose the withdraw amount. Next is the important part.

Select the BEP20 (BSC) network. It’s also called the Binance Smart Chain. Don’t be confused that the other network says BNB. That’s the old chain. You want the BSC. Now enter your wallet address as the Recipient BNB Address.

Choose the amount you want to send. Go through the confirmations and send the BNB from to your Metamask wallet.

Now you are ready to participate in the pre-sale!