Hierocoin BAR is a community token on the Binance Smart Chain. Join the BAR community while we build some of the best projects in Hip Hop.

Hierocoin’s history

Hierocoin was first launched in beta mode in 2014. Conceptualized by Casual and built by developer Brooks Boyd, the first Hierocoin build was a fork of Litecoin. The original beta testing group is still live on FB.

After years of research, testing, and keeping up with advancements in blockchain technology we are now proud to present the hip hop community with a platform that could change the music industry.

What is Hierocoin BAR?

Hierocoin BAR is a community token on the BSC. Our community is based on upholding the arts and building new artistic projects. A successful Hierocoin BAR pre-sale will allow us to begin the build of the Hierocoin DAO.

BAR is the native utility token used for: 


*Crowdfunding the build of Hierocoin DAO


*Merchandise purchases

How many BAR tokens are in circulation?

Hierocoin launched on the Binance Smart Chain on May-01-2021 with 93,000,000 BAR tokens created at genesis. Only 9% of the total supply is to be held by Hieroglyphics the band. 

On Sept-06-2021 Hieroglyphics performed a limited public airdrop allotting 100 BAR to early supporters. 300,000 BAR has been allotted to Hiero farms for initial staking rewards. The current circulating supply is 3,207,200 BAR.

Initial Supply93000000 BAR
Circulating Supply3,207,200 BAR
Total Supply93000000 BAR

BAR token distribution

Initial liquidity Offering50,000,000 BAR53.76%
Liquidity33,810,000 BAR36.35%
To Hieroglyphics the band9,000,000 BAR9.68%
For Hierocoin Farms300,000 BAR0.32%
Airdrops7500 BAR0.00806452%

Hierocoin BAR details

We’ve decided to renounce our minter and pauser rights to the Hierocoin BAR contract and to offer the total supply of BAR for presale. If the presale is a success Hierocoin BAR will be listed on Pancakeswap 14 days after it starts.

BAR is a community token branded after the music group Hieroglyphics but has nothing to do with the success or failures of our group Hieroglyphics or the label Hieroglyphics Imperium. Buying BAR is not an investment in Hieroglyphics Enterprises LLC. When you buy BAR you’re crowdfunding the build of the first hip hop DAO.

We plan to form Hierocoin DAO as the desired building platform for independent artists.

The Fundamentals



Hierocoin (BAR)

Binance Smart Chain
chocolate Symbol
Initial Supply
Burnable Pausable

Block Explorer

Hierocoin in Metamask

We suggest using Metamask because it’s recommended by Unicrypt, our pre-sale platform. Trust Wallet has different requirements to add token logos but you can still use Trust Wallet to participate in the pre-sale, you just have to add Hierocoin manually, with no logo. These instructions work for Metamask wallets.

  1. The first thing we will need is a Metamask wallet. Here is a link to their Google Chrome extension.

2. Next add the Metamask Legacy Extension Web3. This will help you add Hierocoin with the logo.

2. If our website prompted you to add the Binance Smart Chain just click that link and approve the action in your wallet. If not add the Binance Smart Chain to your Metamask wallet by following these simple steps.

Now that you have Metamask with the Binance Smart Chain on it the following button to add Hierocoin BAR to your wallet with the logo.

-This widget doesn’t work for everyone for some reason. If you get 404 error use the directions below.

How to add BAR to Metamask manually

1.Go to your assets and click “custom token”.

2.enter this contract address; 0x34550001Fbf7d6e42e812763C91eF96F129742AB

3. enter “18” for decimals and BAR for the token symbol.

$. Token symbol is BAR and the token name is Hierocoin.

You will see your BAR in your wallet but the logo will not show. Once BSCscan updates or token the logo will show everywhere.

Keep up with our latest developments.