$BAR Farms

"Got $BAR? Get #BEATS!"

$BAR token holders can now stake $BAR to earn $BEATS! $BEATS tokens are used to obtain exclusive NFTs from the $BAR NFT Marketplace. Stake your $BAR and earn $BEATS! Once you have enough $BEATS you can buy exclusive NFTs from the $BAR NFT marketplace in $BEATS currency only! 

To bring greater stability and scarcity to $BAR, we've launched an exclusive reward token, $BEATS!

We’ve minted 100 trillion $BEATS to offer as rewards to $BAR hodlers! $BEATS tokens can be used to buy top-shelf, exclusive NFTs from the $BAR NFT marketplace.

The initial $BEATS farm will have a 6 month reward period. 25 trillion $BEATS will be placed on various farming contracts for $BAR hodlers to collect!

Our marketplace creates and collects exclusive NFTs we only sell for $BEATS!

We’re building our NFT collections now! We’re in the process of contracting exclusive NFT artists such as Illuminaticongo, Eligh, Bay Area mural artist Steven King, Del The Funky Homosapien and many more! You can even test our marketplace and mint your first NFT on the Binance Smart Chain for pennies! Please note all NFTs in this marketplace are sold for $BEATS.



This BAR VIP Hodler nft is designed to be obtained by the person who hodls the most $BAR. The only way to obtain this NFT

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$BAR Farms

To farm new tokens click “unlock wallet” on the farm you want to use, then click deposit. Choose the amount you want to deposit and confirm the transactions in your wallet.  

Stake $BAR earn $BEATS

Stake $BAR earn $BAR


$BEATS reward token for exclusive NFTs!

Initial Supply

100,000,000,000,000 BEATS

FOr Rewards

75,000,000,000,000 BEATS

Marketing and Promo

25,000,000,000,000 BEATS

The $BEATS reward system is designed to offer $BAR hodlers another incentive to hodl $BAR. The only way to get $BEATS is to stake $BAR. The only way to get our exclusive NFTs is to buy with $BEATS.