Cowapeco Funding Pool

Cowapeco. Co-op Eco. Cooperative Economics on the Blockchain.

Cowapeco funding pool is a community governance pool on the Binance Smart Chain. Any member can submit proposals for funding. 50% if the governance pool members must approve your proposal. There is a 1000 CEO token fee to submit proposals. After you join by contributing to the co-op you gain voting rights. Voting is done at the bottom of this page in the request section. Your vote helps decide what is done with the funds.

Submit Your Proposals for Funding

To submit a proposal send 1000 CEO tokens to 0x6cBD6faCE9c2a54A236de7aA42D242c86c19bD9b Next, follow the steps on the proposal page.

Payouts are made in BNB

All Cowapeco payouts are made in BNB.

Binance Smart Chain mango Approvers Percentage
0.15 ether