First, download the Metamask wallet from their website. You must also add the Metamask extension to your Google Chrome browser.

After you set up your Metamask wallet use the following link to create a “watch in wallet” widget. Enter the following info:

Token Name: Hierocoin

Token Address: 0x34550001Fbf7d6e42e812763C91eF96F129742AB

Token Symbol: BAR

Token Decimals: 18

Token Network ID: 56

Token Image:

Now click “create add token page”.

Next click “watch in wallet”. This will open your metamask and may give you a fishing warning. Ignore that working and add BAR with the logo to your metamask wallet. Make sure you don’t mess up the 18 decimals or your token balance will read off.

How to Send BNB to Metamask from Binance.US

After purchasing BNB from open your Metamask wallet and copy your receive address by clicking on it.

Now go to Binance and click withdraw

Click BNB

Paste the address we copied from Metamask. The address should start with 0x not BNB. It should look similar this; 0x7C03B9Ba99943865e7151d5cef10CfE6fb400a7D

Select Network “BEP20“, specify the sum and click “withdraw”.

Confirm the transfer. (ignore the fact the demo photo below is on BEP2. You should be on BEP20 network ONLY else you will lose your BNB.)

Wait a couple minutes and BNB will appear in your metamask wallet!



Hierocoin (BAR)

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