HIerocoin $BAR

"Funding the arts with defi technology"

$BAR is a community token on the Binance Smart Chain. Our goal is to change the music industry. Buying $BAR supports the build of the first DAO for incubating the arts. $BAR is also a metaverse currency and the currency of our exclusive NFT marketplace. After our initial token burn, there's only 43,011,756.23 BAR in existence. #BuyBAR #HodlBAR

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The first 100 Hiero Heads NFTs are sold! There are 900 Hiero Heads NFTs left! Each is one of a kind. Owners of Hiero Heads NFTs get access to real world and meta-verse events! To be eligible to buy a Hiero Heads NFT before they launch you must be on the whitelist! To get on the whitelist join our discord.

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Hiero Heads #58

The fifty-eighty Hiero Heads NFT generated in a set of 1000. Each Hiero head NFT grants access to exclusive real-world and metaverse parties. Less than

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Hiero Heads #29

The twenty-ninth Hiero Head NFT generated in a set of 1000. Each Hiero head NFT grants access to exclusive real-world and metaverse parties. Only 4.28%

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Hiero Heads #120

Number 120 “Hiero Heads” NFT generated in a set of 1000. Each Hiero head NFT grants access to exclusive real-world and metaverse parties.

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BAR is the native utility token used for:

Crowdfunding the build of Hierocoin DAO


Metaverse Currency

How many BAR tokens are in circulation?

Initial Supply

93000000 BAR

Circulating Supply

43,011,756.23 BAR

Total Supply After Burn

43,011,756.23 BAR

BAR token distribution

Initial liquidity Offering

50,000,000 BAR



33,810,000 BAR


To Hieroglyphics the band

9,000,000 BAR


For Hierocoin Farms

300,000 BAR



7500 BAR


Our Documents

THE BAR DAO LLC is a decentralized autonomous organization that merges hip hop and crypto by way of defi-technology. We incubate artistic projects through a democratic proposal process. You register to submit a proposal.  Commit a percentage of the tentative project earnings back to the DAO 5-50% When you receive 650 votes (likes) on your proposal, your proposal is funded in $BAR. 

THE BAR DAO LLC works as a decentralized publishing company where anyone can earn income from intellectual property. Members of the DAO receive royalties on intellectual property rights owned by, or licensed to THE BAR DAO LLC.

There are two ways to join THE BAR DAO LLC but you do not have to join to submit a proposal. TO receive payments from our intellectual property catalog you would join by:

 1. Contributing intellectual property assets to THE BAR DAO LLC.
We intend to fuel our endeavors with intellectual property. Songs, artwork, photos, recordings, podcast, screenplays, visual productions, ancient art history, etc. License to THE BAR DAO LLC a small percentage of any artistic intellectual property you own the rights to. In exchange receive access to earn a percentage of income generated from our catalog. 

Learn more at https://t.me/HierocoinBARCommunity

Help fund artistic projects with $BAR

500,000+ Collective Social Media Followers

1000 + Telegram Members

We're building an extremely active community that loves our mission! Our telegram channel is filled with community members 24/7 that would love to help you. Do not trust random messages of people claiming to be “support” or ever give out your wallet info to anyone. We will never DM you first.

See you soon!



How to add BAR to Metamask manually

1. Go to your assets and click “custom token”.

2. Enter this contract address; 0x34550001Fbf7d6e42e812763C91eF96F129742AB

$. Token symbol is BAR and the token name is Hierocoin.

You will see your BAR in your wallet.

Stake $BAR

Contact information

Email: info@hieroglyphics.com

For music licensing or group management contact casual@hieroglyphics.com