Danger Room Battle League

Danger Room Battle League

The Danger Room is a 16 person paid rap battle league hosted by Hieroglyphics at their headquarters in Oakland Ca.

Danger Room emcees earn from $250 to $5,000 per battle depending on the emcees record.

There are 10 battles per season. This means a star Danger Room emcee has the chance of earning 50k per season.

Danger Room Audition Entry Form

Danger Room auditions are held at 1200 50th Ave, Oakland Ca, 94601.  Danger Room Public Audition fee is $99.  Auditions consist of two battles. After your audition you will receive an email indicating the status of your application.  If you are approved as a Danger Room emcee you will receive your season schedule.

Stand By is an option for emcees who don’t make the cut to be considered for battles where contestants do not show up because of sickness or other reasons. Stand By emcees work on the same pay rate as league emcees.To be considered for Stand by select one of the "+ Stand by" packages on the application below.

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Terms and Conditions

You are aware this is an exclusive battle rap league. This means Danger Room emcees cannot battle in any other leagues without permission of The Danger Room officials.

You are aware battles are traditionally held on Saturday evenings in Oakland, Ca. Battle location and schedule could be subjected to change.

League emcees are subjected to fines and penalties for violating the following rules;

  • No Fighting
  • No touching other contestants
  • Failure to appear surrendered your purse (no pay)

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