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Montezuma's Revenge



Released December 2009
Format CD
Added on Monday, 02 May 2016
Genre Hip Hop
Price 9.99 $
Length 0:00
Number of discs 2
Edition date December 2009
Country USA
Label Hieroglyphics Imperium
Catalog Number
Edition details


Ever since their aptly titled breakout single "93 'Til Infitity," Oakland's Souls of Mischief (and their larger collective Hieroglyphics) have been steadily putting out quality hip-hop, touring the globe, and expanding their diverse music empire. It's been almost a decade since they released a proper Souls album, but wihtout a doubt, it was worth the wait. Montezuma's Revenge has everything we've come to love from Phesto, Opio, A-Plus, and Tajai, specifically a dazzling display of lyrical superiority, tight songwriting, action-packed interplay, and funk-heavy beats. On the production side of things, Domino sounds sharp as usual, but legendary maestro Prince Paul also joins the fun, proving that he hasn't lost a step since the old Stetsasonic and early De La Soul days. They pul off the nearly impossible task of updating a sound without going overboard, still sounding familiar without being reduntant. Great music abounds here, don't miss the Cali cookout jam "Home Game," travelogue rap "Tour Stories," word-association gem "Poets," and the ferocious banger "For Real Y'all."

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