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Third Eye Vision



Released January 1998
Format CD
Added on Monday, 02 May 2016
Genre Hip Hop
Price 9.99 $
Length 0:00
Number of discs 0
Edition date January 1998
Country USA
Label Hieroglyphics Imperium
Catalog Number
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Bay Area's Hieroglyphics are an entrepreneurial, free-spirited group of emcees and producers that gained acclaim in the early 90s, when several members inked major-label deals, including quirky founder Del Tha Funkee Homosapien, raspy rabble-rouser Casual, and free-flowing foursome Souls of Mischief. The Crew's multi-faceted members had collaborated on countless projects prior to 1998's 3rd Eye Vision, but this marked the collective's first full-length album as Hiero. Sunny vocal and instrument samples set the stage on opener "You Never Know," which showcases the crew flexing verbal skills and professing the type of D.I.Y. work ethic that propelled them to release this album independently. "The Who" features the emcees swiftly passing the mic back-and-forth over a slightly haunting, jazzy production. Although each of the seven emcees get spotlighted on a solo song throughout the 22-track album, the group chemistry brings the best out of each member. At times Zen-like with mystical lyrics, this is also a battle-ready competitive collective. 3rd Eye Vision is on par with - or better than - any Hiero-related album that preceded it.

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