Frank 151 & Tajai have released their third article of 'Souls of Mischief's Still Infinity Tour Diary'. Topics include a small break from the tour (a quick visit to Oakland), Kevin Hart's birthday, & weather in the South. Tajai signed a fan's arm at one of the shows, and they got his signature tattooed the very next day!

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What’s up, Hiero Nation! The Southwest is about to be blessed by The Still Infinity Tour! For the heads out there who may be sleeping, wake up!! The Souls are doing it big this summer. Be sure to check the tour diary on Frank 151 to see what Tajai has been up to throughout his travels:

“As far as the shows go, they have been GREAT. One of my favorite memories since the last entry was hanging with 9th Wonder and CogNito from Mass Influence in Raleigh. 9th started a Zulu Nation chapter in Raleigh and the Zulus represented strong at that show.” - Tajai

After the 7/31 show in NOLA the Souls of Mischief are headed west with four dates in Texas, mashing onto Colorado, cruising through New Mexico, heating things up in Arizona, and killing it in Cali. You thought it would end there?!?! The tour continues throughout the Northwest and finally ends back home in Oakland to celebrate Hiero Day!

» Check out all upcoming Still Infinity tour dates here!

Thanks to all the fans who have come out so far to these historical shows. Keep your heads nodding and your hands waving. Get on out and take in your hip hop fix!

Oh, in case you’ve been living under a rock - Hieroglyhics just dropped a full crew album titled The Kitchen. Cop this instant classic and feed your soul with some healthy rhymes.

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Hieroglyphics Imperium are teaming up with Oakland-based Linden Street Brewery to present the Second Annual Hiero Day block party on Monday, September 2, 2013 (Labor Day) from 11:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. at the Linden Street Brewery, located at the Port of Oakland.'

'Hiero Day is a free all day music festival that features live performances by the legendary Hieroglyphics and other special guests, local merchandise vendors, food trucks, and interactive activities for all ages. Hiero Day celebrates and showcases the Bay Area’s diverse, innovative, multicultural, and multigenerational music movement in the heart of Oakland.' - Audible Treats (Read)

Watch footage of Hiero Day 2012 and hear Kanye, Sway Calloway, Davey D, and Radio Rahim wax poetic about Hiero’s legacy on music, culture, and fashion here:

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Hieroglyphics & Souls of Mischief will be a part of this year's Kaleidoscope Music Festival in Eugene, OR this August!

» Souls of Mischief will be performing on Saturday, August 24th!

» Hieroglyphics will be performing on Sunday, August 25th!

View the full lineup below & find out more information on the festival website: www.kaleidoscopemusicfestival.com

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Frank 151 & Tajai have released their second article of 'Souls of Mischief's Still Infinity Tour Diary'. Topics include observing the reactions of the Trayvon Martin verdict in different states in the nation, the commitment to Ramadan while on tour, and tour highlights and memories. Read some exerpts from the article below, but make sure to read the full scoop!

» Read Tajai x Frank 151's 'Souls of Mischief's Still Infinity Tour Diary: Week 2'!

"For those of you unfamiliar with the principal of Ramadan, it's essentially an annual observance of Islam where Muslims worldwide have to fast daily for an entire month between dawn and sunset. It's already a sacrifice most of us would never be willing to make, but imagine having the dedication to stick with it, even amidst a 50-date rap tour? That's what our homie Tajai of Souls of Mischief is currently dealing with, smack-dab in the middle of their 20th anniversary Still Infinity Tour, wrapping August 25."

 - Frank 151

"Overall, I have felt the entire gamut of emotions during this fast, often at extreme levels. I have seen the senseless destruction of property in my home city through social media and news, and that saddens me. I have also seen the positive, peaceful protests throughout the nation and that gives me hope that dialogue on the poor state of race relations in America is being sparked. Somewhere between these extremes I hope that we all are able to sit back, reflect, and see the beauty of life and how we all can nurture and develop TOGETHER. Hip Hop was created in that spirit. "

- Tajai (Souls of Mischief / Hieroglyphics)

» If you haven't heard it already, listen & support Hieroglyphics' new album "The Kitchen"!

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"Hieroglyphics aren't reinventing the wheel with "The Kitchen," but their constant relatability and the levity provided by the Sleeprockers is a winning recipe." - Jay Balfour (HipHopDx)

HipHopDX released their Editor's Rating of Hieroglyphics' new album The Kitchen. What did you think? Cast your vote on their article & have your voice be heard.

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