Souls Of Mischief
In 1995, Souls of Mischief members A-Plus, Opio, Phesto and Tajai joined forces with the other members of the Hieroglyphics crew including Del, Domino, Pep Love, and Casual to create a new independent label- Hieroglyphics Imperium- to publish and market the collective's, and individual members', releases.
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There was something strangely prophetic to Souls Of Mischief’s debut LP 93 ’til Infinity, and few groups in hip hop have shown the kind of longevity that the Cali group have demonstrated. Inspired at college by rap heroes like Run DMC and Grandmaster Flash, Tajai and A-Plus met Phesto, rolling with the OG posse Rhythm & Excellence before Opio joined, before Dante Ross at Jive suggested a name change.

It was as Souls Of Mischief that they settled into their true identity, delivering their stand-out debut in 1993. Like many acts that taste success with their first record, the Souls went on to establish their own independent collective as part of Hieroglyphics, with fellow like-minded emcees Del Tha Funky Homosapien, Pep Love, Casual, JayBiz and producer Domino. This strength of community gave everyone control over their musical output, and meant that the Souls could concentrate on what they’ve always excelled at: capturing the nuances and drama of everyday life in smart turns of phrase, and being the closest thing to an underground super group that the west coast had.

They continue to press on to this day, not just representing the 90s underground, but inspiring a whole new generation of rugged Cali afro-futurists like Odd FutureCo$$, and Black Hippy.


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Max Bell, LA Weekly

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Great review of the Still Infinity Tour show at the El Rey by LA Weekly. Souls of Mischief have two shows in Canada this week:

- Wednesday @ Commonwealth Bar & Stage - (Get tickets)

- Thursday @ VENUE. - (Get tickets)

After they make their way to Seattle, WA, they'll be hitting the stage at Kaleidoscope Music Festival! Check out tour dates & information on!

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There's only a few more dates left on Souls of Mischief's 20th year anniversary Still Infinity Tour! Tonight they are in Flagstaff, AZ at the Green Room before hitting Phoenix tomorrow night at Club Red! They will be joined by A-1 for these dates, and the following shows in Solana Beach & Los Angeles, CA. 

» Get tickets for upcoming Still Infinity Tour Dates now at!

Souls of Mischief have been doing this for 20 years. Check out this Yo! MTV Raps live performance from 1993:

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Frank 151 & Tajai have released their second article of 'Souls of Mischief's Still Infinity Tour Diary'. Topics include observing the reactions of the Trayvon Martin verdict in different states in the nation, the commitment to Ramadan while on tour, and tour highlights and memories. Read some exerpts from the article below, but make sure to read the full scoop!

» Read Tajai x Frank 151's 'Souls of Mischief's Still Infinity Tour Diary: Week 2'!

"For those of you unfamiliar with the principal of Ramadan, it's essentially an annual observance of Islam where Muslims worldwide have to fast daily for an entire month between dawn and sunset. It's already a sacrifice most of us would never be willing to make, but imagine having the dedication to stick with it, even amidst a 50-date rap tour? That's what our homie Tajai of Souls of Mischief is currently dealing with, smack-dab in the middle of their 20th anniversary Still Infinity Tour, wrapping August 25."

 - Frank 151

"Overall, I have felt the entire gamut of emotions during this fast, often at extreme levels. I have seen the senseless destruction of property in my home city through social media and news, and that saddens me. I have also seen the positive, peaceful protests throughout the nation and that gives me hope that dialogue on the poor state of race relations in America is being sparked. Somewhere between these extremes I hope that we all are able to sit back, reflect, and see the beauty of life and how we all can nurture and develop TOGETHER. Hip Hop was created in that spirit. "

- Tajai (Souls of Mischief / Hieroglyphics)

» If you haven't heard it already, listen & support Hieroglyphics' new album "The Kitchen"!

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Adrian Younge presents Souls of Mischief's new album, titled There Is Only Now.

» Read VICE's interview with Adrian Younge & Souls of Mischief

"In a way, Souls of Mischief and Adrian Younge are complementary. Souls are living legends, who are still active and touring 20 years after 93 Til Infinity cemented their place in the hip-hop canon. Younge is the up-and-coming producer who specializes in delivering cinematic narratives through live instrumentation, breathing new life into old sounds. " - Ezra Marcus (VICE)

"Today on Sway In The Morning, producer/musician Adrian Younge and hip-hop group Souls of Mischief announced that they’d be releasing a joint album via RZA’s Soul Temple Records, due out this September. In an interview with XXL earlier this week, Younge dished on the concept behind the album—which has its own storyline, as did Younge’s recent output Twelve Reasons To Die with Ghostface Killah—as well as the style and feel of the project, and the involvement of Ali Shaheed Muhammad [A Tribe Called Quest]." - Dan Rys (XXL)

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"The legendary and Iconic Hip Hop group Souls Of Mischief before kicking off their 20 year anniversary tour sits down with Mr Get Your Buzz Up to discuss Hip Hop over the last 20 years, artists they enjoy right now, how hip hop has changed over the past 20 years, their debut album “From 93 Till Infinity”, the importance of that album within Hip Hop, and they discuss how they were able to stay together through all the ups and downs because they are more than just group they are all family. Please enjoy!!"

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