HiphopDX caught up with Casual about the controversial track "Rap God", released by Eminem. Casual, having already released a project 'He Think He Rap God' in 2011, rapped over Eminem's beat to reclaim his title. 

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Hieroglyphics Imperium are teaming up with Oakland-based Linden Street Brewery to present the Second Annual Hiero Day block party on Monday, September 2, 2013 (Labor Day) from 11:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. at the Linden Street Brewery, located at the Port of Oakland.'

'Hiero Day is a free all day music festival that features live performances by the legendary Hieroglyphics and other special guests, local merchandise vendors, food trucks, and interactive activities for all ages. Hiero Day celebrates and showcases the Bay Area’s diverse, innovative, multicultural, and multigenerational music movement in the heart of Oakland.' - Audible Treats (Read)


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While many can associate The Alkaholiks, CaliAgents, and Casual to what many have called the 2nd Golden Era of Hip Hop (1993-2000), Real Hip Hop Heads know that all artists mentioned have dropped stunning new material, videos and collaborations in 2013.

The "Liks" are poised to tour the United States this August/September with fellow contemporaries Cali Agents and Casual of Hieroglyphics under the name The Clash Of The Titans. By continuing to keep their ear to the street, The Clash Of The Titans have recruited newcomers Cisum Tomorrow ft. Wes Nyle and S.B. Baby Cougnut & DJ Twelvz to bridge the gap between what was established and what is next to come in the ever changing climate of Hip Hop.

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Casual will be performing at The Clash of the Titans with Alkaholiks &  Cali Agents in Oakland, CA. Doors are at 9pm & tickets are only $15 pre sale. 

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Nearly 20 years after his classic debut album Fear ItselfHieroglyphics emcee Casual is a certified Bay Area hip-hop legend. Now, he's joining forces with veteran beatsmith J Rawls (producer for Black StarJ-LiveStalleyCount Bass DJohn Robinson, and more) for a brand new album, Respect Game Or Expect Flames. Both Rawls and Casual agree that the album came about organically. "He had a lot of beats that moved my pen," explains Casual. "We worked on a couple tracks together and decided that our chemistry warranted an album's worth of material." On the production, J Rawls wasn't afraid to test his limits. "I changed my style a lot for this album," he says. "I'm known for having a jazzy sound, but some of these tracks are more edgy. It fits Casual's style and attitude." The result is an album that stands out in Casual's already impressive catalog. "This project is different because of the production. J gave me a more universal sound than I've had on any of my past albums," says Casual. "I think it's my best work to date," adds Rawls.

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You might know Jonathan Owens aka Casual as the co-founder of the Oakland based supergroup Hieroglyphics. However, If you look deeper, you learn that he is a self taught historian, linguistics expert, and highly heralded as “your favorite rappers favorite rapper”. Casual leaves listeners inspired to define their musical experience referencing current events, ancient Egypt and just about everything in between. Known for his fierce battle tactics and unique wordplay he established a reputation for dissecting even the hardest MCs. Chris Witt of Allmusic explains “ Casual produces an unending and seemingly unstoppable flow of boasts and taunts, the simplicity of his message belies the complexity of his vicious wordplay.” From his critically acclaimed major label debut “Fear Itself”, classic crew albums “Full Circle” and “Third Eye Vision” to indie direct to fan projects like “Rapgod” and “Hierophant” Casual has continued to push the envelope building a legendary catalog and cult following.

In addition to touring globally Casual has been just as active on the business side starting a production company “Wetworks Films”, launching the “Hiero Day Festival” and most recently pioneering “Hiero Coin” a new digital currency.

2014 is shaping up to be the biggest year to date for Casual as he prepares for the 20 year anniversary of what might be his most popular album “Fear Itself”. The celebration will kick off with a world tour where he will be performing the original album in its entirety and continue throughout the year with a unique look back at the project and its impact.